Friday, 17 August 2018

Stalingrad Day 2

Turn 1

Veteran Elements of 2nd Platoon 2nd Kompanie Pioneer Abteilung 305 from Division 305 “Bodensee” played by Ken, faces off against elements of a Regular platoon from the 305th Rifle Division played by Mark.

Again a probe is initialised across “A” fallen heroes square…see Kens previous post.

 Force points were worked out against the current state of forces with allocated casualties from previous battles

So Germans are at 0 and the Soviets are at -2.
Support points were rolled and Mark rolled a one, so Soviets get 3 support points and the Germans get 1 point. Mark took a maxim MMG and Ken allocated two SMG’s to Section 1 under Obergefreiter Hildebrand Bar a 21 from an inner city school in Ravensburg and then the Hitler youth.

Force Morale was rolled and the Germans start on a 9 whilst the Soviets are on a 8, so the German Pioneers are obviously on a high and looking for a win.

German JOP between Haus 2 and 3.

Looking at SOviet JOP in tenches leading to DOM 1.

Soviet JOP inside DOM 5.

Soviet JOP inside DOM 3.

PHASE 1: Germans get initiative and roll 6,5,5,2,2.
Gaining two command pips and passing next phase to the Soviets. Section 1 under Obergefreiter Hildebrand Bar is deployed 9” into the trench works leading into DOM 1 or the “Tote Haus” (Kill House) as it became known. Section 2 under 38 year old Obergerfreiter Henrick Herwarth a office clerk from Ulm deploys into Haus 5 or the Corner house “Eckhaus” as it became known.

Below can be seen the Eck Haus defended by 2nd Section.

PHASE 2: Soviets roll 6,6,4,1,1.

So next phase is Soviet and mark deploys a Maxim MMG on the middle floor of DOM 5. These guys basically stopped any advance across the square and along trench line leading from the corner house. At no point did they get a shot off due to position and fire angles.

PHASE 3: Soviets roll 5,5,3,2,1. So gain two command pips.

Section E deploys on a 2 in the Trench leading into Dom 1 from the other side, while D section deploys on a 3 into DOM 5 and the JNCO then orders that suppressive fire is brought down onto the corner house containing section 2.

Phase 4: Germans roll 6,4,4,3,2.

Section 1 activates on a 3 and advances down the trench 5” into DOM 1.

Section 2 activates on a two and returns desultory fire on the Soviets firing at them from across the square to no effect.

Phase 5: Soviets roll 5,2,2,2,1. Gaining a Command pip.

D section activates on a 3 and the JNCO continues to pour suppressive fire onto the corner house again as he notices that his previous attempt resulted in very little coming back so it was obviously effective last time.
E section moves up along the trench to DOM 1.
B section deploys into the trench line with E section.

Phase 6: Germans roll 6,6,5,5,1. Two command pips gained and the next phase is German.
Section 1’s assault team armed with some extra captured Soviet SMG’s, edge their way 7” into the DOM 1. And prepare to deny the building to the Enemy.

Phase 7: Germans roll 6,5,4,3,3.
Section 2 activates on a 3 and deploys on over watch overlooking the square.
Section 1 activates on a 3 and the JNCO shouts “Handgranaten” and a flurry of grenades pour into the Soviets trying to break into Dom 1.
The Pioneers manage to roll a 1, so one grenade lands among the Soviets inflicting 3 hits as its within a confined space of a trench, rolling 6,4,1 killing one and adding one shock to the section The Pioneers under Obergefreiter Hildebrand Bar then advance the 3” into the settling dust and bring the Soviets to close combat…
(This is why it gets its name the Tote Haus or Kill House).

Germans got:
5D5 for the five men in the assault section plus the following.
+2D6 for JNCO CI’s
+2D6 Veteran versus Regular
+6D6 for the three SMG’s in the squad
Giving 15D6 in total, Pioneers manage to roll 6,6,6,5,5,5 resulting in six dead and 3 shock on the Soviet Squad. Rolling for NCO injuries gives a -1 to initiative.

Bad things happen for wounded NCO causes FM to drop to 8 and a team wiped out drops it further to 7.

Soviets got:
5D6 for the 5 men in the section plus the following.
+2D6 for the JNCO’s CI’s
+3D6 for movement
+2D6 for SMG
+4D6 for LMG defending
Giving 16D6 in total, Soviets mange to roll 6,6,5,5,5,5 resulting in six dead and two shock on section 1. Rolling for NCO injuries gives a -1 to initiative.
Bad things happen for wounded NCO is no effect so obviously not a well-liked JNCO. (Not surprised he just got a full section killed).
Soviet section wiped out FM drops by -2 to give a FM of 6 points.

Soviet Section JNCO now has four shock on him and Routs from the building into and through B Section causing 2 shock upon them as he claims that everybody is dead.

Phase 8: Soviets roll 6,6,5,4,1 getting the next phase and gaining a command pip.

Senior Leader activates on a 4 and steps out in front of the JNCO with his pistol raised and kindly asks where the JNCO is heading, and isn’t he going the wrong way.. 

Rallying 3 shock off the JNCO, the JNCO nods and tries to explain that he was in fact looking for the senior leader and has every intention of going back into the building to get revenge.

Phase 9: Soviets roll 6,6,5,2,1 again getting next phase and gaining a Command pip, obviously the presence of the Senior leader has cause a flurry of action among the Soviets. Section B JNCO calls his men into action rallying one shock and they move 7” to attack back into Dom 4.

The German section 2 in the corner house on over watch see the movement and pour fire into the moving soldiers who seem to be popping up and looking over the trench as they move, causing four hits, resulting in two kills and two shock on the section. NCO rolls for wound and goes down (no activation this turn). Bad thing happens roll for the wounded NCO gives a -1 drop in FM and the Soviets are now down to 5.

Phase 10: Soviets roll 6,4,2,1,1.
Activating the senior leader on a 4, he orders section B to fire on the “Corner House” causing 3 hits on the LMG team resulting in 1 dead and 2 shock, he also yells at section D to also fire on the corner house but to no effect.
A 3 sees Section C activate and suppress the Germans in the “Corner House”

Phase 11: German’s roll 2,2,2,1,1,.

A 3 activates Section 1 in the Kill house to put the LMG team on over watch, while another 3 puts section 2 also on over watch to cover the trench lines into the kill house.

Phase 12: Soviets roll 6,5,5,4,2. Two more command pips and the next phase is German.

The Senior leader activates and orders sections B,C and D to fire upon the corner house (Haus 4).
D gets 1 hit to no effect. B gets 2 hits and kills one while C fires gets two hits to no effect. Soviets expend a CoC dice and end the turn allowing the JNCO wounded on the floor from earlier to pick himself up off the floor.


Phase 1: Germans roll 6,6,4,2,1. Gives them the next phase.
A 3 activates section 1 in the kill house on over watch to guard against any more Soviet intervention.

Phase 2: Germans roll 5,3,3,2,1 and gain another command pip.
Ken expends a CoC dice and moves his JOP from Haus 1 to behind the kill house.
A 3 activates section 3 under 45 year old Obergefreiter Michael Baumbach (Der Alte), a Messerschmitt factory worker from Ausberg. And immediately initiates close combat with the Soviet Section in the trench outside the kill house.

Germans got:
8D5 for the five men in the assault section plus the following.
+2D6 for JNCO CI’s
+2D6 Veteran versus Regular
+2D6 for the SMG
Giving 14D6 in total, Pioneers manage to roll 6,6,5,5 resulting in four dead and 2 shock on the Soviet Squad wiping them out, leaving the JNCO as last man on the floor wounded Rolling for NCO injuries gives a no activation this turn

Bad things happen for wounded NCO has no effect while the section being wiped out causes FM to drop to 4 losing a command dice.

Soviets got:
2D6 for the 2 remaining men in the section plus the following.
+1D6 for the JNCO’s CI
-1D6 for shock
+2D6 for SMG
+4D6 for LMG defending
Giving 8D6 in total, Soviets mange to roll 6,6,6,5 resulting in four dead and three shock. As “Der Alte” was leading from the front as always he goes down in a hail of bullets to the chest from the Soviet LMG gunner as he systematically manages to kill the gunner with a Grenade.

This results in a “DRAW” equal kills, so round two sees the Germans finish off the stricken NCO by reducing his CI by a further -1 to 0, a bad thing happens roll for a dead NCO see the Soviets FM drop by 2 to a FM of 2.

The German Platoon leader, 25 year old Feldwebel Johannes Rall also from Ravensburg whose father distinguished himself in the first war arrives to close the battle personally by rallying of the shock of Section 3 and get them to consolidate the position in the kill house.

Mark decides to break off the battle and retires off board, leaving the field to the Germans. Another successful probe by the Germans.

The kill house has claimed ten dead and a JNCO from each side.


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Stalingrad the Kick off.

So myself Paul and Ken finally got round to the first game of the Stalingrad campaign. The terrain is still a work in progress however so we will be adding to it as we go. And adding in some specific rules to cover un-foreseen eventualities. Paul has done a fine train yard with rolling stock and there will be factory units and the all important chimney stack sniper post.

Below can be seen the board setup along with Ken's fine model of a crashed HE-111.
The first scenario on the campaign ladder will be a probe mission. The Soviets will come on from the right hand side of the picture while the nasty Fascist invaders will skulk on from the left.

Below can be seen my patrol markers, i have decided to use scouts as better eye candy instead of cardboard patrol markers, that and i forgot to bring them.

Below is a close up of my scouts, these will be added to so that i can field a full squad of nine.

Here is the final shot of the end of the patrol phase, with all the locked down JOP's shown. Seen from the bottom right corner of the Soviets side with a locked down German patrol marker in the trench line.

Below can be seen two SOviet patrol markers pushed out into the central square, with three German markers seen scattered across the square.

I am not going to give an actual AAR as ken is going to do the right up as he was the umpire and note taker whilst myself and Paul slugged it out. All i can say is that it was bloody considering it was the opening moves of a campaign.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Garden time

The sun is shining the decorating of two bedrooms is almost complete. So while the sun shines i thought i would finish off some outstanding terain pieces.

Above the garden layout. There is some order its all filed under L for lawn.

The final Stalingrad standalone corner ruins along with a rustic barn.

Two dwellings for my collective farm.

Above can be seen a collapsed factory chimney, the taller one will become a sniper or Observer post.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

So i find myself at an impasse' due to shift work encroaching on life generally. Then you have the normal life issues getting in the way as well, so no gaming or modelling has been done. However normalality will return in August.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Quick update

SO over the weekend i have done my usual thing of starting many things but not finishing anything off. So here is a run down of some of the things outstanding.

Below can be seen the first of several Soviet small holdings for a collective farm, they are designed to go together to allow larger units or stand alone. This will be done with some stand alone fences to go along the edges.

 The fencing is made from match sticks as the fence posts, the cross members are coffee stirrers split length ways to thin them out! And the uprights are made from thin Balsa wood.
An issue occurred in the middle of the build as the newer batch of Balsa is some what thinner than the previous batch, so is not as robust, which resulted on the top parts snapping off.

SO! i snapped all of them off to just above the top cross members, as they will only break in handling.

Houses can be placed inside as needed so to give more options.

 So two small holdings next to each other, the far edge still needs its separate fence in place.

 For the Stalingrad scatter terrain, and to be used with the factory units we have i put together a couple of chimneys, one showing battle damage.

Below can be seen the fallen chimney stack, should block the path of any tanks....

I purchased a Hobby Boss Mi8 HIP on a whim, and decided after reading a review to do a Mi17 which strangely the kit actually gives you the option of making.
I roughly put the cockpit together along with Starboard side of the aircraft and tried out the internal colour scheme.

 Having already purchased some helicopter pilots from Elheim for my previous builds, i ordered some more to fit this, i also decided on having this aircraft armed with some door gunners, several Afghan aircraft are armed in such a way.

The two door gunners are located so as to fire from both the Port door and starboard emergency hatch. THe gunners are sat on two spare ammo boxes to give necessary height and support.

The air crew are still to be finished off and i ahve yet to decide what to do with the rear clam shell doors.
1/ Do i keep them closed as is. Nice and easy!
2/ Do i model them open, which is not to bad a job.
3/ Remove them and fit the later ramp which is a bigger deal.

I also ordered a 3D cast Technical from Elheim to go with my 14.5mm ZPU-1 which i persuaded Matt to do some Taliban crew for. Below can be seen how it looks straight out of the box. With very little clean up needed.

Below is a closer view, and the attachment points for the wheels can be seen. These are the best axle wheel connections i have come across. Usually wheels don't attach to well as the axles etc are to thin or other nuances. Where as the fit between the two on this model is fantastic, its so tight the wheels stay on without gluing.

Here it is in its base colours with its cargo... i am planning of building a base for the gun so i an use it dismounted. I plan to get a few more gun armed Technicals for my fleet.

I also bought a couple of Afghans on motor bikes and some stand alone bikes to add to my street clutter. I am still looking for some suitable domestic cars "The 90's Toyota Corolla is top selling car in Afghanistan" to clutter the streets etc..

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Trenches and other holes in the ground.

Its been awhile since i last did an update, but with the weather allowing me to get into the garden to do some large amounts of scenery painting it gave me my mojo back.

OK so i added three more trench lines to the pile, and making them made me think of making a few with MG bunkers and personnel bunkers but have decided to forego them for now a si have more pressing matters.

I have also added two long straight sections plus a smaller length and two end stops, this gives me enough trenches to clutter up the board and allow movement between the ruined strong-points.

As can be seen above i have put a few obstacles together which are on the same footprint as the trenches, which is the same as the width of a side street, this will allow me to block streets with all manner of nastiness.

Being able to get into the garden allowed me to cut up large amounts of polystyrene and allowed me to expand my growing collection of hills, here it can be seen butted up against one of my earlier hilss to either extend that hill or become another stand alone.

Whilst i was doing this hill a thought came to me, all my hills are pretty straight i have no other shapes, so wouldn't it be cool if i had one big weird shaped hill.

So i went about cutting another piece of polystyrene to fit my three existing hills.

The idea being is the three existing hills fit to each of the three points making on ebig hill but still allowing me flexibility of storage.

Another bug bear of mine is, i have some stand alone afghan compound walls, but due to the original baseboard they were built on cannot butt up-to the existing compound walls. SO i made some fill in pieces which will allow me to join my free standing walls to my existing compounds and make some really big compounds..

Once i have these all finished off and painted i will post some pics of these items.

Ok so here is the hill with its paint on..


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Stalingrad update 2

Ok so I have finally got round to putting the undercoat on the buildings  and stuck all the brick paper to the outsides. Which still needs the windows cutting out of it. The brick paper also needs a wash over to make it look less new!

Above can be seen the second of the stronpoints facing forwrads, hence the sandbags.

This is the interconnecting trench works and street barricade. Allows movement between strong-points and also blocks a street.

This is looking into the initial first strong-point i built, again needs a little bit more work doing to it.

And a birds eye view of how they fit together. Currently i have three more trench lines that i am working on, one is to be another connecting piece between strong-points without the heavy weapon pit.