Friday, 4 October 2019

I have been helping out with CoC DMZ 2 recently and having read the book recently on the 11th armoured Cavalry "The black horse" i have decided to model the above unit, So i ordered five M113 ACAV from "Kingkit" along with an Australian M113 FSV. I have also ordered some extra pieces from Liberation miniatures which consists of a 106mm recoiless rifle to upgrade one ACAV, two spaced flotation screens as several pictures show these fitted on ACAVs in Vietnam. A M132 flame thrower turret as a support option and a Cadillac Guage turret to give to a standard M113 for the Aussies. The one thing i do not have is a decent vietnamese version of the M115 Sheridan. I thin k i have found one as a 3D model so will see what it looks like.. either that or scratch-build the vietnam add ons to an existing kit. Spoken to Jason who wrote the rules and we have come up with some values. Sheridan troop of three tanks @ 75pts Squadron HQ of 1x ACAV @22 pts ACAV troop of x4 ACAV @ 48 pts Infantry Squad in M113 @ 46 pts Force 199 pts Supports come from a M132 Flame thrower "Zippo", a M125 mortar carrier and a battery of M109's. Also an attached Infantry platoon carried on the vehicles.

Monday, 30 September 2019

Here is my Dutch YPR765 from Butlers printed models. As a basic wargames model it is fine, it is robust and does the job, what it isn't is a collectors piece as it needed a lot of cleaning up. However when it is painted up i am sure it will be fine.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Finally managed to get some thin 3mm base board (as i been finding it difficult to get MDF) so that I can finally make a start on finishing my mountain hideaway.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Italian fleet increases.

Spica finally arrives in the Italian fleet. It is a very basic rendition but serviceable and needs a few additions to bring it spec. I have added the forward supports for the twin 20mm's on the beams and also added the masts forward and aft.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

To the rigging lads.

So almost at the end, I'm sure I was carried away on the newness and excitement of a new endeavour but i'm not sure how I will feel after I have waded through all my other ships.

Here is my Gabbiano with a representation of the rigging ( if that is the correct term). I am not going to attempt to do it all, eyes won't cope.

I just need to sort out the flag and decide on a Base if I do one or not.

Then I have my four MS boats to finish and ihave started on a series 500 MAS boat including antennas and rigging. I have also looked at the midget torpedo boat and the explosive boats that the Italians used, all 3D printed. Trouble is they are so damned small.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Painting gets under way.

Not bad for an afternoons worth of work. Put down dark sea blue wash on the deck and left rest of ship in grey primer.

Then added washes of various grey's onto the hull and superstructure.

Almost their, just some small details to add such as capstan and anchor chains, finish of the crew and then some further weathering. Then onto trying to rig the ship, i will have to add some further antenna supports to get it to look right.

Deck colours have been quickly laid down using the dark sea blue on the MS boats. I needed to add the air recognition stripes so that I can add the forward weapon mounts. I am trying to find some decent colour pictures of the deck. AS for painting all Italian ships under 200 tons were painted in the standard light grey.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

MS Boats (CRDA 60 t)

Below can be seen both a series one (lower of the two) and a series two MS boat (upper of the two), both 3d printed in resin.

This is the series two with added twin 20mm. Left off the front gun i so have more room to paint the air recognition stripes.

A series 1 with added single 20mm.

An early series MAS boat with added single 20mm.

The above boat along side the warlord games series 500 MAS boat.

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