Thursday, 18 May 2017

BVS 10 Viking 

Here is the initial layout of the armour panels  on the side supporting bars i initially added.

Below is the actual stuff i bought from 4D models if anybody is interested cost £8 at the time.

I added the the supporting struts to the left side to hold the armour in place, which was really just spare plastic card strip.

Below is a pic of the GPK turret from S&S miniatures which has replaced the actual , and the anti ATGW wire cutter for front, which is currently just a piece of square plastic. It needs a a cut out as well.

Have added the support structure for the IED antennas on troop compartment and the right hand side bar armour being added plus a rolled cam net on top, just because it was spare. What cannot be sen are the two jerrycan holders on the back of the troop compartment which i had left over from the ASLAV build.

I didn't really pay close attention to how badly the tracks were cast until my friend Ken pointed it out, which means i am either going to have to build up the tracks with green stuff or hide them under mud etc.. so more work needs to be done. I will use Halfords undercoat to show up all the issues and fill in any blips with the resin.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

An Impulse buy!

So i didn't manage to get to salute this year but i did send a shopping list with the guys who did, so i ordered the following from Britannia/Grubby tanks.

I was debating not to buy the vehicles as the reviews of the resin vehicles have not been the best, but as said it was an impulse buy, i don't even have any British figures.

The figures themselves paint up really nicely (i think).

The quality of the resin on the two WMIKS was poor, i seemed to have two types of resin, also one was a different colour to the other and was a lot more brittle, so much so whilst cleaning up one of the castings the floor snapped in half. I was tempted to leave it like that as a IED casualty, i might still do that.

I did intend to crew them with some Elheim crew but they need quite a bit of work to do that, i might keep them back and see if they fit the excellent jackal from MJ Figures

I tried my hand at a spare wheel cover, to hide what looked like a bicycle wheel that was sent with the model. The spare jerry can came from the spares box, left over from my ASLAV build.

Some mood shots on my new hill terrain, with and without flash.

And some close ups of both of them, i am still not sure on the overall finish colour wise or the models themselves but hey ho!

Below can be seen an amorphous blob of resin that calls itself a Viking, i have cut off the original turret and will be fitting (or not) a HUmvee GPK turret from S&S miniatures which is where i bought my Toyota Hilux from (more on that later). The white plastic is going to be the supports for my attempt at bar armour later on.

What am i going to do about the mess between the two cab bodies is anybodies guess especially when trimming away the excess resin i came across a reinforcing metal rod, in completely the wrong place.

Its barren in them Thar hills.

So the hill has its initial undercoat of paint which i liberally sprinkled some dried tea granules over whilst still wet. And added a few small boulders from the garden. This was put on yesterday and allowed to dry overnight, this allows me to spot any spots i missed with initial coat.

I then gave it a dry brush of "retro ochre" and then "coast" over the top, both from the Wilko's tester range of paints.

This will then blend in with the colour of my figure bases. The figure is to show the scale of the hill. It will make a nice corner piece for my set ups.

Monday, 17 April 2017

The hills are alive.

So I managed to collect a range of polystyrene packing panels from a delivery at work with the intention of using them for hills for my Afghan terrain collection.

So I drafted a rough shape using the stacked tiles and cut them roughly with a craft knife.

In the above picture you can see the area where I plan on putting a small building, representing a goat herder's residence.

I added the rough building layout including some walls and started cutting out the road leading up the hill.

 I began covering the hills with some plaster bandage which is usually used in railway modelling from my local Hobbycraft. It was hoped to smooth out the contours some what before i added the texturing. I also added some large rock to break up the sparseness of the hill.

There is a fighting position on top of the hill which I intend to cover with a roof to represent a bunker. I have also toyed with the idea of a heavy weapon position on top of the hill, prior to me covering the very top with plaster.

The whole of the hill will be covered with the usual gloopy mix i used on my previous buildings and then painted with the usual colour palette. You can see the cloth i will use for my table covering underneath the hill.

I have also finally got round to finishing off my market stalls which i started off last year!

Above can be seen the fruit and veg sellers wares being showed on a make shift rack using balsa and matchsticks, while a mangy dog sniffs round for scraps.

The above guy is a spice merchant with his attendant spice scales.
Yes i know the figures are shiny as usual due to the gloss varnish and have yet to give them their Matt overcoat of army painter Matt varnish.

I have another stall part made but have yet to decide if i need him yet.

28mm US Infantry for chain of Command

So i have finally made a start on my 28mm US Infantry from Warlord games, these were a Christmas present to myself and have just got round to sorting them now.

I will make enough figures to do both the Armored Infantry platoon and a standard Rifle Platoon, so i will need another .30 Cal MG as i already have one and i need at least one anti tank gun a 57mm for the Armoured Inf and a 3" for the standard  Infantry to allow me to play the mini campaigns. And on top of that i will need Sherman's. Luckily the local game shop i frequent has two store Shermans for Bolt action which i could borrow (hopefully).

So i started on the first section, when i say started on the first section all i did was start throwing some of the figures together without a plan, hopefully to give me a random looking assortment of troops.

I have a three man BAR team and a NCO who hopefully looks a bit more experienced, so i reduced his kit load to just a musette bag and ammo pouch, ditching the pack.

I also purchased a Ranger box set to get the bangalore torpedoes and extra bits so that i can make up some Assault teams/ Engineers.

Here is the first Bazooka team and the start of my first MG teams. There is also a platoon HQ group of a senior NCO officer and a medic.

I found the same problem with Warlord plastics as Clarkie did on his Stalingrad build, especially on the flame thrower operator, the fit was not the best and a lot of the belt order equipment just does not seem to sit well. So i now have a four man Demo team with extra equipment from the ranger box set to define them as Engineers. I might look at doing a satchel charge from a spare Musette bag as well.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Aussie Armour.

So finally finished my armour support for my Aussies.

 Thanks goes to Ken fir the initial paint job, stowage and accessories are from a variety of sources.
I have also managed to finish off the fantastic Bushmaster mpv.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Soviet motor rifle company for Team Yankee.

So I was asked to paint up one of the box sets for my good mate Ken. I have to admit on first inspection I was not keen on the quality of the castings. Some figures especially the radio operator looked a bit  squashed and so did the kneeling RPK gunner, flash as ever was a severe problem on all the figures.

Anyhow here are a festival pics of them.

So i now have some support weapons to paint up now.