Monday, 17 June 2019

French Armoured Support arrives 3d style.

Paul a good friend of mine recently did a couple of 3d prints for Me of a Hotchkiss H39 and a Somua S35. Also in shot is a Soviet field kitchen to go with my existing 28mm Soviets.

The tanks are rough but as a wargames model and painted up they look great. And cheap as well, which always helps.

Below is a Somua S35 in the colours of the 3e DLM, Curassier Squadron.

There is also a H39 from either one of the Dragon porte tank squadron, or the Hotchkiss squadron of the Curassier Regiment.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

With the release of the blitzkrieg book by TFL I decided to jump on the band wagon and get myself some early war French. I went with what I already knew, which was the French DLM. I already had this force in 10mm, both for the May battles around Hannut and the Gembloux gap using the 3e DLM, and the DLM for the June battles over the Aisne and the battle of Juniville.

I used the excellent Crusader miniatures for my Dragon Portesham troops, so that I can give the German player a taste of being on the recieving end of two MGs.

A friend of mine printed an excellent Somua S35 as support, to counter and Panzer forces that accompany the Germans. I also have a Hotchkiss 25mm anti tank gun as well.

Having also received just recently a WW1 observer team from Scarab miniatures, which gives me my mortar fire controller, and will also look at getting the ubiquitous French 75mm for some serious oomph and a 60mm mortar. Being motorised the 75mm should have the pneumatic wheels not the spoked of the horse drawn model.

Picking the Dragon  porte limits me on figure poses as they didn't wear the long great coat so difficult to pick up those extra support figures.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Early ANA

Having bought some heads off Matt at Elheim at the same time as i bought the Dutch, i have decided that my current ANA (Afghan National Army) look a bit too uniform, especially as they are representing the early years from 2006 - 2009, before the US started making them all look the same.

The figures are from the Modern Syrian range.

I bought some Russian helmets a couple of the VDV berets and some Afghan heads, the Afghan heads will go onto my existing ANP figures to become the ALP (Afghan Local Police), who are basically armed locals with a uniform.

Having removed a few heads and trimmed the bodies where the heads were removed, the torsos were drilled out to allow fixing of the heads. I will also endeavour to add some of the laden Alice packs to give them that festooned look. I intend to give all my other ISAF forces the same treatment.

Above can be seem one fireteam wearing rucksacks the guy front right has a Russian helmet, whilst back right is in beret.

Another fireteam without rucksacks the two guys in front have Russian helmets.

Above can be seen the support options of a two man PKM team and a marksman with a SVD rifle sporting a rather fetching bandana.

Above is the squad commander in beret and a RPG gunner.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Test paint

Having had a splurge at making some 28mm stream/ 15mm river sections, i had a go at a colour scheme that i hope didn't look too fake. These will eventually have gloss varnish added in several layers to add depth as well as protection. The banks will be finished off and flock added with the odd bush and tree dotted about. These will be used alongside some canal pieces that i am intending to help a friend with.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

A day in the garden

As the Easter weekend has graced us with some fantastic weather, i decided to spend the time in the garden and get some work done. Mainly undercoating the new Elheim Dutch and basing then up, then after talking to a friend who had just bought the new Sarissa canal bridge and was looking at some canal pieces, this made  me think about my own stream pieces which needed finishing off (read actually starting), so i dug in and and made a start on them.
Below can be seen test piece, with rest of the stream pieces laid out. THese will be trimmed down to follow the banks so as not too look so regular in appearance.

I have also started on some small hedgerows, which will contain a mix of trees bushes etc.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Brits come to Lardistan

 So i bought and painted more troops for my Lardistan campaign, specifically some British troops to work alongside my Danes.

 This is even though games are few and far between at the moment as i am currently working shifts and cannot fit games into my working day.. I have tried to organise some more games whilst i am off work, more on that later.
Below is the Revel Warrior with add on armour.

Below can be seen some of my new British figures from Elheim, with a collection of support options.

Below can be seen some casualty/man down markers, fitted with a small dice tray for count down purposes.

New figures arrive. The Dutch come to Lardistan.

So i just got the latest batch from Matt at Elheim, these are from a commission piece. People might find that these figures are slightly taller than his normal figures. This is due to the commission asking for them taller, as the average Dutch soldier being taller than normal.

These are definitely some of the best figures Matt has done both in detail and anatomically.

Below can be seen some casualty figures for my Danes. I have also requested that Matt does some casualties for the Dutch as they were not on the original commission, i have also asked for a LSW gunner so that i can represent the Dutch Marines.

Below can be seen a head swap test using my original ANA (Afghan National Army) figures from Elheims Syrian range, as when i finished painting them up they seemed too regular. When you look at the ANA from the early days they look rather non uniform, so i am going to replace some of the heads with a range of berets, Russian helmets and bandannas to get the look i am after.

This is the ANA as they currently look along with the ANP in blue before head swaps.