Sunday, 26 March 2017

Aussie Armour.

So finally finished my armour support for my Aussies.

 Thanks goes to Ken fir the initial paint job, stowage and accessories are from a variety of sources.
I have also managed to finish off the fantastic Bushmaster mpv.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Soviet motor rifle company for Team Yankee.

So I was asked to paint up one of the box sets for my good mate Ken. I have to admit on first inspection I was not keen on the quality of the castings. Some figures especially the radio operator looked a bit  squashed and so did the kneeling RPK gunner, flash as ever was a severe problem on all the figures.

Anyhow here are a festival pics of them.

So i now have some support weapons to paint up now.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Aussie Update!!

So i have another update with regards the vehicles ken has kindly airbrushed for me.

So i am picking them up tomorrow night, so i can start cluttering them up! So stay tuned.

On the subject of the AK paint set i found this link. AusCam. So it wasnt just me who had this problem with the colour matching. Ken went with a standard NATO black.

So I got them home and started on covering it in stowage and the like.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Painting update.

So I  got a quick email of my mate Ken earlier today with regards the Australian bushmaster and ASLAV that I asked him to airbrush for me. I sent him the AK Australian cam paint range.

Below can be seen the results from the set, the so called black came out Green.

I asked him to try and repaint it, which he did and replaced the bronze green with a standard Nato  black. The results can be seen below in the following picture.

I think this is a much better finish and comes much closer to the original finish, once its been weathered and with plenty of stowage added it should look mighty fine.

I hate Trees.

So i have finally finished all my tree bases which i had planned for my Afghan terrain, the majority are for lining roads or edges of fields etc, the bigger pieces are to represent small copses or woods.

I might look at doing orchards for some compounds in the future but for now this was enough for me.

I also managed to put together a small overgrown park  and finished painting the next building for my Dropzone terrain. It just needs that overgrown look on it.

It looks more like an overgrown graveyard than a park. I have tried to keep down the number of trees to allow movement of vehicles or placement of troops within it!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

More wall madness.

A quick update.

So here are the city walls for my drop-zone boards they are painted to match my terrain boards so have a grey hue and the basing has a smattering of flock to match. I have given them some battle damage, just so people can by pass the walls. and added in some drop in pieces of rubble as well.

I have just the two river sections to finish off and then the park.
The river I was thinking of something different so instead of blue or green, I was thinking of yellow or  red.

I then have some extra fill ins of trees and under growth and bushes to make to break up line of sight and some more ruined car bases for the roads.

Other ideas will be a road bridge for the river to match up with the Blotz raised road system.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Further Update.

This is what i got done last night! Below are the Afghan compound walls undercoated 

The below pic shows some with there final paint job, inside the compound can be seen two stands of trees made with some off cuts of 3 mm MDF and some corrugated card which will be used to become the gates for the compound.

There are two replacement walls with large holes in them to represent breaching, which will be swapped out with a normal wall, i also had the idea of adding in two "T" pieces which will allow me to connect two compounds together with an interconnecting door between them.

I still need to make the "T" pieces and a further short wall to replace the breach as got carried away and forgot where i was going with the plan....

I will give update on the Dropozone city walls tomorrow i hope!