Thursday, 11 January 2018

Lardistan Opening Moves

So the battle begins.

I made a slight error when lugging everything over to the shop, i forgot the back pages of my Lardistan forces which gave me my support options, this would effect me badly in this battle.
So pauls Australians are rated as +9 and my home forces are rated as +1 a difference of +8 support for the lardy forces, however as i did not have my support lists i could not pick any support as could not remember the values for any of it.

That's my excuse anyhow!!

So we rolled for Force Morale previously and i got a six which gave me an 11, so obviously the cause is good and Paul rolled a two which gave him a rating of 8, his troops obviously not believing truly in the reasons for being here.

So with the higher force rating i went first, i rolled a six, four, three and a one. So i brought my senior leader on with a PKM weapons team into the edge of the bombed out house.

 My Junior Leader with his attached RPG team snuck his way across the roof of the compound and took up station behind the wall with intentions of ambushing any patrol coming along the road behind the compound.

Paul brought on one of his yellow fire teams (from Cpl Jeff Palmers section) in the centre just outside the compound.

On the left he brought up a full section, whilst i moved tactically inside the compound and set up the PKM team in over watch inside the bombed out house. In next phase Paul advanced one of his left hand fire teams tactically and tried to PID some lardies who appeared in the woods below.  
And failed.

Paul brought up his Senior leader (Lt Samual Patterson) who put yellow fire team onto overwatch.

The RPK/AK fire team opened up on the blue fore team on the hill causing one shock... Blue section now knew definately that there were bad guys in the woods. (Off came the safeties). The section commander brought up the rest of his section and let rip into the woods below. The fireteam who were stationary let rip with 11 dice, whilst the moving fire team fired at half value. Resulting in two down and four shock, one of them going down to the DMR.

A picture from the firing line, whilst this is going on another section advanced into the market and approached the main compound gates.

The most heinous of crimes being committed, unpainted troops on table, as i ran out or painted miniatures.

Red section under (Ethan Fisher) spotted the bad guys lurking on the wall from the area of the ruined wall next to the main gate in the North of the compound, and positively ID'd  and engaged with devastating results. Three down and four shock to the surviving Junior Leader, which forced him to break.

So rolling for his movement gave me a distnace of 13" which caused him to rout through some friendlies a nearby deploying RPK team and gave them three shock for their troubles. Resulting in a loss of two morale points. Down to nine.

Blue section move down from the hill one fire team at a time covering as they move, looking at over running the now vacant JOP. Over seen now by the Platoon Sergeant "Joshua Roberts from the Northern Territories" in the middle.

With some very poor rolls which include several containing single sixes which are wasted and no fours or threes, i finally got one four and a three, plus a one and a six....again. My senior leader managed to remove three shock off the Junior Leader whilst now he got his head together rallied the shock off the nearby RPK group.

Mean while blue section who were getting all the fun had positively ID'd the baddies moving up along the Nortern compound wall and opened fire all guns blazing. (Which reminds me i need to buy more dice). Resulting in two men down and four shock. Resulting in a break and subsequent rout of the last man standing and a further loss in morale. Now down to eight.

INTO the long suffering RPK team who can only stand by and watch their fellows run past them and add three more shock to them yet again.

Two double sixes rolled by Paul in a row. "Game over man, game over"....

Which resulted in him capturing a JOP and another morale loss now down to seven.

We called a halt there as i thought it wise to pull out with seven losses to none with three never to return. Two will return next game whilst two will miss the next game whilst they recover.

 More work needs to be done on the intricacies of COIN operations, however the combat seems deadly enough, especially when you do not have enough leaders or support to do anything worthwhile.

Local populace are unhappy of having foreign troops in the area and dropping bombs around them especially when there was nobody about..

The CO was impressed that Lt Samuel Patterson didn't cock up in his first ever combat situation, this is mostly down to the aggressive tactics of his platoon Sergeant taking over Cpl Cooper Wilson's Blue section. So CO's opinion goes to +2 "No Effect". The Men's opinion goes up by +1 as they gave the Lardies a proper bloody nose. Patterson's outlook on life is yet to be determined.


  1. Great game report- thanks. I like the little arms cache behind the wall- I may have to copy that.



  2. I woudld like to claim its all my own work but i borrowed the idea from Pat (Silver Whistle) so copy away...