Thursday, 9 August 2018

Stalingrad the Kick off.

So myself Paul and Ken finally got round to the first game of the Stalingrad campaign. The terrain is still a work in progress however so we will be adding to it as we go. And adding in some specific rules to cover un-foreseen eventualities. Paul has done a fine train yard with rolling stock and there will be factory units and the all important chimney stack sniper post.

Below can be seen the board setup along with Ken's fine model of a crashed HE-111.
The first scenario on the campaign ladder will be a probe mission. The Soviets will come on from the right hand side of the picture while the nasty Fascist invaders will skulk on from the left.

Below can be seen my patrol markers, i have decided to use scouts as better eye candy instead of cardboard patrol markers, that and i forgot to bring them.

Below is a close up of my scouts, these will be added to so that i can field a full squad of nine.

Here is the final shot of the end of the patrol phase, with all the locked down JOP's shown. Seen from the bottom right corner of the Soviets side with a locked down German patrol marker in the trench line.

Below can be seen two SOviet patrol markers pushed out into the central square, with three German markers seen scattered across the square.

I am not going to give an actual AAR as ken is going to do the right up as he was the umpire and note taker whilst myself and Paul slugged it out. All i can say is that it was bloody considering it was the opening moves of a campaign.

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