Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Forces Gather

So I gave the Aussies a free interpreter for this mission as its a patrol through a semi urban area with the LNA (Lardistan National Army) and they need to talk to both the local populace and keep a tight control on the LNA. The Aussie's consisted of  a standard fire team and an attached Terp as mentioned previously.

So the force consists of two LNA fireteams each of four men 3x AKs one with a UGL and a RPK  plus an attached RPG-7 Gunner and a PKM team. The OMLT is a standard fire-team of four men under control of a Sergeant (SGT) armed with 3x F88's one with a UGL and a MINIMI (upgraded as he needs to keep control of both his own troops and the LNA) .

The insurgents who consisted of two teams each with a RPK i decided to upgrade a RPK to an RPG-7 another RPK to a PKM and added an extra RPK to one team. I also took a Dicker and a small command wired IED just to try out the IED rules as well.

I rolled for force morale (FM) for each of the sides.

LNA and attached OMLT rolled a 5 which gives them a FM of 10
Insurgents rolled a 2 which gave them a FM= 8

It seems the LNA's Morale is up, as up to now they have not yet seen any aggression or taken casualties where as the Insurgents are a bit bothered with the attachment of an ISAF force.

Due to work commitments and working funny shifts i am having to play test Solo, so i will try and randomise the game as much as possible.

The table will be a standard 6'x4' and the LNA starting position will be from one of the four corners after the terrain has been laid out, the Insurgents start out from the opposite corner. The campaign really sets what type of terrain will be placed down, so we are currently in a town sector in the lush valley(Green zone) so will be semi urban or i can go mad and make it totally urban.

Pictures and a AAR will follow once i set up and start playing.

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