Friday, 2 November 2018

Dux Britannium

I had my first taste of these rules on Wednesday  night just gone against my usual opponents Ken and Paul at my local games store of Asgard Games run by the indomitable Steve. I played the Romano Brits under Lucius Superfluous to Paul's Saxon raiding  party.

 This is one of those systems that cries out for purpose made terrain and vignettes of the major characters. And i can see myself getting heavily into the campaign, whether I do very well is open to debate.

So i have started on a few figures donated to me. First up are the Levy troops.

 Next up are four missile troops.

Then a unit of six Elite's.

 And two units of Warriors.

The gaps in the units are due to me removing the Draco banner guys which will now reside on the same base as my Nobels.

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