Saturday, 2 February 2019

Some Christmas spending.

OK i know its been a while since last update but i have been busy in the hobby department I just have been unable to update on progress so far.

I ordered a selection of figures from  liberation miniatures prior to christmas. I specifically went for the Taliban/AQ command pack as they had a figure suitable for a Mullah for my insurgents. I also got a few other codes just to see what the range is like.

I ordered a Warrior Crew wearing face scarves and some Taliban heavy weapon crew. IMHO i wasnt to fussed on the Taliban with turban but the other figures wearing pork pie hat etc, were fine.

The tractor and trailer were picked up from Amazon.

I also purchased a RPG team on motorcycles and a "Dicker" also on a motorcyle to give some other options.
 I also splashed out during Elheim's January sale to get some Brits to go with my Danes, i also added a DSHK armed Technical, and a 82mm mortar team. This will become a 60mm mortar team for my Insurgents.

I still need to finish off my mountainous stronghold, which will be when i can pick up some more MDF for the base and some all purpose tile-grout/adhesive to do the covering.

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