Monday, 14 May 2018

Quick update

SO over the weekend i have done my usual thing of starting many things but not finishing anything off. So here is a run down of some of the things outstanding.

Below can be seen the first of several Soviet small holdings for a collective farm, they are designed to go together to allow larger units or stand alone. This will be done with some stand alone fences to go along the edges.

 The fencing is made from match sticks as the fence posts, the cross members are coffee stirrers split length ways to thin them out! And the uprights are made from thin Balsa wood.
An issue occurred in the middle of the build as the newer batch of Balsa is some what thinner than the previous batch, so is not as robust, which resulted on the top parts snapping off.

SO! i snapped all of them off to just above the top cross members, as they will only break in handling.

Houses can be placed inside as needed so to give more options.

 So two small holdings next to each other, the far edge still needs its separate fence in place.

 For the Stalingrad scatter terrain, and to be used with the factory units we have i put together a couple of chimneys, one showing battle damage.

Below can be seen the fallen chimney stack, should block the path of any tanks....

I purchased a Hobby Boss Mi8 HIP on a whim, and decided after reading a review to do a Mi17 which strangely the kit actually gives you the option of making.
I roughly put the cockpit together along with Starboard side of the aircraft and tried out the internal colour scheme.

 Having already purchased some helicopter pilots from Elheim for my previous builds, i ordered some more to fit this, i also decided on having this aircraft armed with some door gunners, several Afghan aircraft are armed in such a way.

The two door gunners are located so as to fire from both the Port door and starboard emergency hatch. THe gunners are sat on two spare ammo boxes to give necessary height and support.

The air crew are still to be finished off and i ahve yet to decide what to do with the rear clam shell doors.
1/ Do i keep them closed as is. Nice and easy!
2/ Do i model them open, which is not to bad a job.
3/ Remove them and fit the later ramp which is a bigger deal.

I also ordered a 3D cast Technical from Elheim to go with my 14.5mm ZPU-1 which i persuaded Matt to do some Taliban crew for. Below can be seen how it looks straight out of the box. With very little clean up needed.

Below is a closer view, and the attachment points for the wheels can be seen. These are the best axle wheel connections i have come across. Usually wheels don't attach to well as the axles etc are to thin or other nuances. Where as the fit between the two on this model is fantastic, its so tight the wheels stay on without gluing.

Here it is in its base colours with its cargo... i am planning of building a base for the gun so i an use it dismounted. I plan to get a few more gun armed Technicals for my fleet.

I also bought a couple of Afghans on motor bikes and some stand alone bikes to add to my street clutter. I am still looking for some suitable domestic cars "The 90's Toyota Corolla is top selling car in Afghanistan" to clutter the streets etc..

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