Sunday, 12 May 2019

With the release of the blitzkrieg book by TFL I decided to jump on the band wagon and get myself some early war French. I went with what I already knew, which was the French DLM. I already had this force in 10mm, both for the May battles around Hannut and the Gembloux gap using the 3e DLM, and the DLM for the June battles over the Aisne and the battle of Juniville.

I used the excellent Crusader miniatures for my Dragon Portesham troops, so that I can give the German player a taste of being on the recieving end of two MGs.

A friend of mine printed an excellent Somua S35 as support, to counter and Panzer forces that accompany the Germans. I also have a Hotchkiss 25mm anti tank gun as well.

Having also received just recently a WW1 observer team from Scarab miniatures, which gives me my mortar fire controller, and will also look at getting the ubiquitous French 75mm for some serious oomph and a 60mm mortar. Being motorised the 75mm should have the pneumatic wheels not the spoked of the horse drawn model.

Picking the Dragon  porte limits me on figure poses as they didn't wear the long great coat so difficult to pick up those extra support figures.


  1. Loving the high tech communications set there - I need to get my Krauts done

  2. Ok, that looks terrific, where did you get the pigeon flinger from?

  3. Sorry for late reply. He is from the WW1 range from Scarab miniatures.

  4. Thanks for that. I must have a look at their WW1 range for special figures like this.


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